Up, Up and Away!

Dear Furiends,goes-r

What an exciting sight!  My whiskers are still tingling! This new satellite’s launch appeared to proceed purrfectly – at least from my yard.

The equipment should help untangle the role that climate plays in world events. One of the most exciting aspects of the satellite’s capabilities is the ability to monitor lightning from space. (Can you imagine?!?)  Did you know that scientists want to use lightning as a clue to better track and predict extreme weather?
Until I learned about this launch, I hadn’t realized that lightened has killed 36 humans this year in the U.S… According to PopHerald.com , 2007 was worse –  there were 45 deaths.
I, for one am excited to see how this satellite’s photos look compared to the old ones, which were apparently taken from very old equipment (if my ears didn’t fail me, ’70s equipment).
Keep you eye on the sky, my furiends … it’s watching you,mtele
Mr. M  =^.^=



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