We’re Versatile Bloggers

Deziz World

Hey Raena, did you see all dat spawrkly stuffs on da grass this meownin’?

 Dezi and Raena on the Liberty Tree looking at each other

       I’s sure did sissy. What was dat?

Well Raena, mommy calls it frost, but me calls it pre ice. Looks like da beginnin’ of winter is here.

       Is dat why we have shadows on da pawdee box room walls now?

Shadows? Oh you mean da ones dat happen cuz of da heat lamp mommy turns on when it’s cold. Anyways, it’s bloggy time Raena, and we were given an award last week dat we wanna show off today. Purrseidon nominated us fur da Versatile Blogger Award.

 Versatile Blogger Award

       Bet’cha it’s cuz we’re all over da place sissy.

What on earth are you talkin’ ‘bout Raena?

       Well you know, we cover a lot of different topics here. Da only thing consistent ‘bout our bloggy is our Blest Sunday postys and dat we’re purretty…

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