Proton Arc over Norway

Dear Furiends, DSC16.gif

I simply had to share this amazing clip of a proton are over Norway with you!
As you can see, a proton arc is a rare type of aurora. These are caused by protons bombarding our atmosphere, not by the electrons, which cause the more well-known Northern Lights.

If you’re interested in these, there is an excellent article about what Northern Lights are and What Causes them here. 

Keep an eye on the sky, my furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=

PS: As a bonus, here are some photos of the amazing Northern Lights – see the difference?:


12 thoughts on “Proton Arc over Norway

    1. Kosmo, you are so fortunate to have seen actual Northern Lights! All I have is photos, but they are amazing! Remember to purray for a cloudless night, tomorrow – then we can both go out and gaze at the supermoon – purrhaps from different places, but we can share the same experience! =^.^=

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      1. The Supermoon! Our weather forecast says that we have tomorrow heavy clouds, badbadbad. But we continue purraying, and we wil see the moon.
        If the moon is behind the clouds, I will wave my paw to south-west direction, and you will see it, just above the horizon.

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      2. If our clouds dissipate, I shall make sure I not only watch for the moon, but your paw, too!!! The forecast for my yard is: Mostly Cloudy 81° F high 63°F low 20%chance of rain; WNW 6 mph 69% humidity; 5 of 10 mph winds (which usually isn’t strong enough to move clouds)… this is why I’ve already begun purraying for the clouds to move on! BTW, if you go to and type your country/city into the select slot, it will give you a chart of when the moon will rise/set … For me, it is 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night! =^.^=

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  1. There are spectacular marvels of the sky above us, and a major part of the spectacles happen in outer space and for those visible from earth, we are able to see some but then there is aurora borealis.

    Amazing captures, “Transcendental”. I have star gazzing as my hobby, so thanks a lot for this.

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