Friday Fillins


1. Acceptance of differences should be taught in schools. 

2. The last item I donated was books to Ms. Munchkin’s school library.

(Mr. M usually answers 3 & 4, but he is busy, busy looking for typos in Me-YEOW!, so he told me to do this by myself.)

3. My (personal) song is Come Sail Away, because after imaging what it would be like to be Mischief, I would simply love to experience living on a catamaranp1200003

4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: those nasty advertisements have stopped (elections seem like very nasty things and they also seem to spread a lot of disinformation, which upsets people … I have decided I do NOT like elections)…. okay, so that probably didn’t qualify as a true thankful, so I guess I’d better begin again.  I’m thankful that that I’ve finished setting my purrsonal pool into the ground, that cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew is done and that it will soon be ‘turkey day’…. do you realize how BIG a turkey is?!? Its going to be a feast!!!
This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

0801a1. _____________________should be taught in schools.

2. The last item I donated was ___________________________.

3. My (personal) song is _______, because _______.

4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: _____, ______ and_____.


24 thoughts on “Friday Fillins

    1. Of course you may use my photo! Every year, we sort through our books and put the ones we have duplicates of and/or no longer need in a box. THEN on Halloween, as well as giving out treats, we have the box by the door, so tricksters can also choose a book… What is left over gets donated to our school library.


    1. They lived on a catamaran before I was born … interestingly enough, EvenStar, which they lived on is exactly like Mischief’s Whispurring Winds, except for the name…. >^.^<


      1. Not the whole world, mainly the Americas, and the Caribbean .. they sold EvenStar before I was born – I think she is still somewhere in the Pacific. Purrhaps they will eventually get another boat. >^.^<

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      2. Mom & Pop never went to Kingston, while in Jamaica, they were anchored at Port Antonio, which is on the NE corner of the country & about 60 miles North of Kinsgton.
        The Red Claw was based on some of their experiences there – it is book one of Xander de Hunter’s Sea Purrtector Series, so it is from the perspective of a cat 😉
        If you’re ever interested in reading any of my books, and willing to leave an honest review, let me know at and I’ll get you a complimentary copy.

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    1. I’m glad the slanderous ads are over, too. I will be glad when the protests stop. Quite hypocritical, since they seem to be behaving worse then how they depict.
      While Trump is probably the last person I would want, if I was an illegal felon, he should be good for the average citizen and I, for one, will make up my mind about him after I see what he actually does. IMHO, everyone deserves a chance.


  1. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I love your song choice Purrseidon. And I agree acceptance of differences should be taught in schools, it would make the world a nicer place.

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    1. I am very glad you agree! I just checked to see what was going on at Twitter… this seemed rather wise to me, though I don’t know if it is the cause of people’s reactions: @kimguilfoyle: “These are people who’ve been given trophies for losing… They don’t know how to deal with normal situations.” … Do you think that giving everyone trophies could actually undermine them learning how to be graceful when their side/team loses? IF so, then purrhaps that needs to be taught, too. >^.^<


  2. I loved your first fill-in…. Acceptance of differences should be taught in schools. It is from a young age our tolerance or intolerance is born. There are kids now that realize they are of a different gender very early in life and are trans gender. Something like this should be explained to children….and parents…..this is so far from what happened in our schools millenniums ago. Loved the others too but the first one really got me thinking.



    1. I remember the turkey last year looked big enough to get inside… Unfortunately, I never managed to test that theory. In fact, I was put outside, which cubes of bread and other things were put in it. Such disrespect! >^.^<

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      1. I have seen some that looked big enough to get inside. When I’m having to fish around inside to find the packet of “parts”, they feel huge. I don’t like putting my arm in there to find the packets and I don’t stuff them. I just put butter in their. I figure the birdy has been disgraced enough as it it.
        Have a blessed weekend!

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