Sunday Selfies


Dear Furiends,

Today, I’m sharing a couple more photos of my purrsonal project pond/waterfall. I also talked my dear brofur into agreeing to purrticipate AND I managed to get a photo of a bunny, who squeezed under my fence. Unfurtunately, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to him/her before s/he ran away.

I have no idea why that bunny is so skittish.

The good news is that the horrid squirrels seem to be done with my purrsonal oak tree, so I’ve reclaimed it!!!!p1200034


This is a purrsonal victory!!!

Down with acorn-stealing squirrels!

Er, back to the reason for this post. It is part of The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. You can see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend by clicking on their link.

p1200020 Now for the purromised photos of Mr. M,  who was caught relaxing after a hard day of looking for typos in our up-coming novel, Me-YEOW! (Psst, my photo is on the cover!!!! It’s good that those squirrels have been vanquished from my favorite tree, because I’m over the boughs that Ms. Kiara included my photo.)

& here is the ‘selfie’ of the shy bunny: p1200032


at least I got a photo of that bunny – it is more than I can say for Saphera – she seems to have developed the ability to sense a camera’s presence as effectively as she does a stranger — and she hides. You would not believe how effectively something her size can hide, unless you tried to find her!

At least my pool can’t run away:P1200003.JPG

Have a wonderful week, my furiends!

Purrseidon >^.^<

38 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Do you have trouble making friends with bunnies, too? Mom says that years ago, when Mr. Rom was still alive, they also had an outdoor bunny, Dustin.
      Dustin was a French Lop, who lived under the front steps… and from the way mom tells the story, I suspect Dustin must have been gay… Rom was terrified of him.
      I hope that bunny doesn’t think I have that sort of intention! All I want to do is be friends and learn about his/her species. >^.^<

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  1. Thanks for hopping. We love that photo of you in the tree and the final one in front of your pond. What a cute bunny. We shared one for Sunday Selfies a couple of weeks ago. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. I enjoy doing the selfies. Matthew made life a bit hectic around here, but that storm was worse in other areas, so I can not complain. Besides, I now have my beloved pool dug in and secure… I think it looks much better, but would not have thought to do this, if not for that storm.


    1. That bunny comes by often, but is super shy. For some strange reason, s/he seems afraid of Saphera and me and we can’t figure out why. M just shakes his head – I think he knows something, but – as usual – he isn’t talking.
      BTW, this is the same purrsonal pool that I’ve had for a year, the difference is that I dug a humongous hole and put it level with the ground, so it now looks more natural.

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    1. I am very, very happy to have those horrid squirrels gone & my tree back… Well, it never actually left my yard, but I was not about to climb it when those awful, nasty squirrels were infesting it! >^.^<


    1. ERin, M says that squirrel pie is delicious, but I’ve never had any…. must research how to catch them, or whatever has to be done to make pie….
      BTW, you are very, very brave if you dare to chase squirrels …. those horrid creatures operate in nasty, biting gangs around here, so I don’t know any cat – except you – who is brave enough to chase them.


    1. Yes, Kosmo we are happy, but you should be, too. Finland looks very beautiful in your mom’s photos. AND you wake up to ‘frozen diamonds’ in your yard, while all we have is plain ole green grass. Your brother, M =^.^=

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  2. ummm… moms computer am silly – we was putting the note on Word Press… mol.

    good think pools don’t run away… and down with squirrels and ups with kitties! And nice to meet you Mr. M!

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    1. I buried that pool super good, then clamped it down with rocks … not easy, purrticularly when our area does not have natural rocks.
      No hurricane is going to come along an steal my pool, like Matthew stole my catnip plant!


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