Sky Watch with Mr. M


Dear Furiends,

Today, I want to share an infographic, which I discovered on Pinterest… 10 Galaxies and Weird Facts…. I am purrticularly fond of The Black Cat Galaxies, which most think is one of the most beautiful (probably why they named it after black cats).

Keep your eyes on the sky, my furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=



11 thoughts on “Sky Watch with Mr. M

    1. I am very glad you enjoyed it! This is just the sort of info-graphic which inspires my (and mom’s) imagination. Did you know that the first book she ever had published (now out of print) was The Peacekeepers, a sci-fantasy about clashing cultures and a worm hole… It was originally published by Silver Dragon Press in 2001 (before my time), but she had the rights returned to her, so in 2014, I urged her to put it back on the market (Star Bridge) and then I assisted her with writing Thunder Moon and Fire Island, which completed the trilogy…. It was great fun being a muse for Kazza, that great, magical alien tiger!!!

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