Oct 26th


Dear Furiends,

Today the Halloween challenge calendar says “Skeleton”…

Obviously, this challenge is for Halloween and – except for Chucky – I love, love, love Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween Month!!!

Purrseidon >^.^<



7 thoughts on “Oct 26th

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  2. Maybe you should start hunting those evil squirrels. Most humans think that squirrels are very very sweet, and we think a squirrel without a head or so would definitely make Halloween much more fun?

    Btw: we’ve been offline for such a long time and are amazed how big your blog has become!! We remember the early days in the beginning of last autumn and are impressed. Good work 🙂

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    1. I’ve been amazed how quickly my blog has grown, too. I began it in September of 2015, just before my first birthday. BTW, I’m also sharing it with my brofur, who loves to watch the sky and write an occasional post on that topic.

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    1. That is very cool and I’m sure my brofur will love it! I didn’t know that planets changed color, but I’ve see photos from our brofur, who lives in Finland, and leaves change color, so it would make sense if planets could, too.
      Have a wonderful day and thanks for the link! >^.^<

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