Sky Watch with Mr. M


Dear Furiends,

My apologies for not posting last week… I have been up to my whiskers in edits for Me-YEOW!

Cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew, which was a very rude CAT 3 storm, is taking up a lot of time, too. So, my life is more than rogue commas, it’s broken limbs, too.  Oddly enough, Matthew didn’t seem interested in the weeds.

When  I discovered this info-graphic on Pinterest, I thought it was wonderful – purrticularly for sci-fi writers, who wanted to write about another world. I hope you like it.

Mr. M  =^.^=



11 thoughts on “Sky Watch with Mr. M

      1. Hi M, I love the sky, have you ever seen aurora borealis. The finnish name is revontulet, and it means the lights of a fox. People thought that a fox was running on fjelds and when his tail hit sky, it made these gorgeous lights.
        Your brother
        in faraway Finland.

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