Oct 20th


Dear Furiends,

Today the Halloween challenge calendar says “Fog”…That cat looks like it’s in fog, doesn’t it?

Obviously, this challenge is for Halloween and – except for Chucky – I love, love, love Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween Month!!!

Purrseidon >^.^<



10 thoughts on “Oct 20th

      1. January and February are the coldest months, until -35C, or -31 F. It is for a cat lethal. Shelters are full of cat without ears, they are so thin and freeze first and drop away. We have a great problem with so called summer cats. People take a cute kitten for a summer at summer cottage, then in Fall they move to a city and leave a cat alone. When it gets cold these poor cats come to yards, sometimes, and are taken to shelters, which are full every Fall. About 20 000 cats are abandoned or are born wild every year. And their future is not good. We have had these shelter cats, one very beautiful cat was about 8 month and he had all the diseases a cat can have, so his first home was with us, he had a home for three months before he died, and because of the stupidity of humans.

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      2. When we lived in South Carolina, we were 45 minutes from the center of a large city, but lived next to a creek in a wooded rural area. May or June our area would become ‘flooded’ with half-grown cats and dogs. We suspect that people would give them to kids for Christmas, but be tired of them – or disillusioned because they didn’t stay babies, so by the time school was over, they were fed up. Apparently, they didn’t want to take the unwanted pets to shelters, where they could have had a chance at a good forever home – they simply drove into the country where they found a woods for the pets to hunt their own food and a creek for water…. And left them there.
        These pets never learned how to hunt and those creek banks were very high and steep.
        We kept one of the puppies we salvaged (Belle), but spent a lot of time catching/trapping those animals and taking them to the shelter.
        That is one reason why I wonder how smart the average person is.

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