Oct 9th

Dear Furiends,

Today the Halloween challenge calendar says “Night”… It’s obviously dark in this photo and the pumpkins aren’t haunted: pumpkin-3-1421105.jpg

Obviously, this challenge is for Halloween and – except for Chucky – I love, love, love Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Month!!!

Purrseidon >^.^<


15 thoughts on “Oct 9th

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    1. Our house endured hurricane force winds, but not CAT 3. I’m not sure which CAT the winds were, but they were over 100 mph. Fortunately, my house was built well, so no problems… loads of problems in the yard, though. For one thing, my catnip plant flew away!!!! Chucky is an evil doll from a horror movie and my staff had the bad taste to get a motion activated one.

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      1. Ms. Kiara came over, yesterday… her catnip plants suffered, too, but the very strange thing was that the storm blew away one of those green corrugated things that go on one’s downspout so the water goes away from the house… well, guess what – there were two of those things in my side yard! What were the odds?!? Of course, I gave them to her. Do you think a storm can be smart enough to take things from one person than put them in the yard of a furiend, who lives miles away? >^.^<

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