Sky Watch with Mr. M

mteleDear Furiends,

I wish I had this infographic about wormholes when we were working on Star Bridge! As you probably know, wormholes are theoretical shortcuts through space/time, which is basically what that novel is about…. I think that sounds ever so much better than wormhole, don’t you? Anyway, if you ever wondered how one would form, this is the infographic you’ve been looking for.

Keep an eye on the sky, my furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=



12 thoughts on “Sky Watch with Mr. M

    1. We are back home … M had the worst problem… we visited furiends near Orlando and the cockapoo got a crush on him… wanted to lick the stuffings out of him… he didn’t like that and only wanted to be furiends… >^.^<

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      1. Meowser! I’m glad you like studying the sky, too…. at the moment, we’re a bit distracted by Matthew… have been visiting friends near Orlando for the past couple days. Cricket (cockapoo) is enraptured with me, but I am just not that sort of cat. =^.^=

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