Dear Furiends,

If knows what they are talking about and the track stays West, Matthew will be overhead on Thursday.

Our governor just declared a hurricane watch for our entire state, but what has me riveted is that Matthew will be hitting Haiti. Oh, meow is me! What they are predicting for that poor island is eerily close to the fictional hurricane Xander and Mischief endured in The Vi-Purrshurricane-92968__340.jpg

Who knew that reality could rival fiction! Or that something that looks so beautiful from Space can be so awful to live through.

I hope you all stay safe.

Mr. M



12 thoughts on “Matthew

  1. This our planet is very interesting place. In the warm or hot areas you have hurricanes, poisonous snakes and spiders, and we here in colder areas, we have sometimes even – 40°F, and snow everywhere anf lakes and seas are frozen, but we don’t have hurricanes, only one spoisonous snake, not very dangerous. So this planet is kind, we all have someting good and someting bad.


    1. That is a possibility, but there is a huge high pressure area in the Atlantic, which is pushing westward, so there is a 50% chance we’ll get 40-50 mph winds 0 a.k.a. a tropical storm. =^.^=


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