Sept 29th


I am joining a September Challenge and today’s question is about my teen years, which weren’t that long ago. Here is the link if you want to check it out and/or maybe join in, too.


Were you into Star Wars or were you a Trekkie? Both or neither?

Oh, what a question! I needed to chill with a bit of ‘nip to figure out the answer….I purrfer Star Wars (Wookie is awful big, but super cool… sorta like a big Ewok) Mum detests Capt. Kirk and says he’s ‘sexist’ (whatever that is), but she likes Capt. Picard… Mr. M likes Mr. Spock and Seven, but we all watch the Star Wars movies a lot more often than Star Trek… ( IMO 4, 5 & 6 are the best ones) We also watch Tolkein movies… hobbits are super cool, too, but I guess they weren’t starry/spacey enough for this question.


7 thoughts on “Sept 29th

  1. Trekkie, forever. But yes, we’re speaking about the Classic ST, i.e. Captain J.T. Kirk is a man of his age, the fabulous Sixities, and of course, very macho-man!
    I love all the other Captains 😀
    Star Wars: Harrison Ford – Han Solo is my hero. The second trilogy is another stoty. The third one has just begun, we’ll see the Jedi laser swords in action!
    Pawkisses, my lovely Purr, your photo with the catnip is gorgeous ❤

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