Ms. MaLassie


Dear Furiends,

I type this with a heavy heart because this is the last photo I will ever have of my dear furiend, Ms. MaLassie. She went over the rainbow bridge today.

While I was not purrticularly shocked to learn that she no longer walked this earth… she was very old – 15 for a collie is ancient / over 100 in human years, my heart is heavy because she was such a warm, loving soul. After Ms MaLassie was too old and arthritic to herd sheep (her job in her youth & she was very good at it), as long as she was capable of going to the local nursing home, she went there every week to visit the elderly humans, many of which were technically older than she was.

Will you pause with me for a minute of prayer & purrs in her memory? 14089518_10206954851205775_31937777_n

Mr. M  =^.^=




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