Sept 19th


I am joining a September Challenge and today’s question is about my teen years, which weren’t that long ago. Here is the link if you want to check it out and/or maybe join in, too.


What was your favorite kind of car when you were young? Did you ever get to have one of your own?

Car? I’ve never considered wanting a car of my own, but I’m very fond of my boogie board and boat.


39 thoughts on “Sept 19th

      1. Ooooooohhhh!!! I’ve seen jet-skis and they look super fun, but oh, the sound hurts my ears, so I’ve never considered trying to get a ride on one. I learned to swim in the tub, purrhaps you could start learning there. >^.^<

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      2. Oh, well, if you want to learn to swim badly enough, a way will become available … the kitchen sink was too small (and too controversial) for me to learn in, too. >^.^<


      3. After a near drowning when I was a young teen, learning to swim is probably last on my list of things to do. I don’t want to be in the water that badly. I still think jet skiing would be fun, but it would be a foolish endeavor since I don’t know how to swim. I am glad you found a way to learn to swim. That is a good thing for you to know considering where you live.

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      4. Mom thinks my water obsession might be genetic because my littermate drown when she was just over 3 weeks old. That put my parents in a panic, so I was officially adopted when I was 4 weeks old, even though they’d originally planned to wait 2 more weeks… >^.^<

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      5. Aww that is very sad. I am very glad that you survived. Some of the kitties that have come along to our home haven’t been very protective of their babies, either. They abandon them when they are sick. I don’t understand that either. It’s a hard life for a little kitty.

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      6. That’s what my brofur is always telling me, but I don’t remember being anything but a house cat. In fact, I don’t remember my real sisfur or my mom at all… we moved to FL when I was little… I do remember the awful squirrels in the huge trees, though. >^.^<

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      7. Oh meow is me!!!! What a horrible thought! In the Everglades, there are all sorts of problems with other kinds of snakes that got loose…. I think those are just as scary – if not worse – than squirrels. >^.^<

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      8. Did you know that alligators can climb trees?!? IF one comes at you, run just as fast as you can in a straight line… they aren’t good for long distance. >^.^<


  1. What? You’ve never wanted a car of your own. How strange. We’ve been trying to figure out how many pieces of kibble we need to save to pay for our own set of wheels. Well, that’s just an expression. We want the rest of the car too.

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      1. One of the things I love about living here is the free bus system. Only problem is that they are often a bit late and you can only bring on whatever you can carry… I can’t carry my boogie board….. >^.^>


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