Wordless Wednesday



Dear Furiends,

We finished the rough draft for Me-YEOW! and are catching up on other things.  In the Sea Purrtector series, I mainly am the muse for Mischief… I was merely a kitten, when I began being a muse and was just learning to read, so I thought my brofur said Miss Chief…. Chief is a good name and Miss shows respect.

Unfortunately, Mischief means: naughtiness · bad behavior · misbehavior ·mischievousness · misconduct · disobedience · pranks · tricks · capers · nonsense · devilry · funny business · monkey business · shenanigans · carryings-on · impishness · roguishness · devilment…  I think I’ve been all wrong about how I’m portraying her.

Worse, my sisfur got to woofing and said that Mischief was named that because of my behavior. I don’t know what to think!  

I chose this photo because it shows off my whiskers for Whiskers Wednesday, but it also shows you how worried I am. Do you think of me as naughty? I admit that I pulled that trick on my brofur, but I haven’t touched his silverine stick since. Can one incident give a kitten a life-long reputation?

Have a nice day, Purrseidon >^.^<

M here. Apparently someone doesn’t realize that cats do not beg to go swimming or 14089518_10206954851205775_31937777_nunderstand that when their elders are taking a nap, they should be left in peace. And those are just two examples of misconduct that I experience on a daily basis…. IMHO, Mischief is the purrfect name for Purr’s  fictional alter-ego.

My review project is progressing very well. Thank you to everyone who has already posted Amazon reviews and/or plans to leave one. The Red Claw currently has 12 reviews, so Amazon’s Marketing has begun to assist, which is very much appreciated. The more reviews, the more Amazon helps. If you are interested in a complimentary copy in return for an honest review, please let my secretary know. jeannefoguth.author@gmail.com  If you’ve already reviewed The Red Claw, the same deal is available for any of my titles – that includes Kazza’s Chatterre Trilogy – Kazza had an unfortunate interest in water, too, but I managed to overlook that, after all, what cat doesn’t dream of being a magical tiger?

Latitudes & Cattitudes is very short (and free). You can meet Xander de Hunter before he becomes Catamondo’s first Sea Purrtector. It can always use more reviews, too. However, I brought this title up because I just checked Amazon and it is in the top 100 in all of its categories:

Have a wonderful week my furiends,  Mr. M  =^.^=

This post is part of Create with Joy’s Wordless Wednesday & Comedy Plus’ blog hops.

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It is a very busy period for me, but if you allow me I’ll post a new article about the other Xander’s books as soon as possible to spread the news among my followers 😀
    Wonderful Purrseidon ❤
    And gorgeous Mr. M 😛

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