Friendly Friday Fill Ins


1. When I run out of patience I use absence instead.Trust me, taking some time away and meditating in a box is much better than arguing.

          Mr. M   =^.^= footprint-1084898_960_720

2. My guru is Mr. Rodney Yee …. Gramma has him on DVD and he teaches amazing stretches.

          Mr. M  =^.^=




3. I am afraid of squirrels, particularly the ones at the park, which operate in gangs and I’m pretty sure they want to do something awful to me.      Purrseidon >^.^<

4. I feel empowered when I take my leash to the staff and they take me on a walk.              Purrseidon >^.^<


This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGufy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. When I run out of ___________________, I use ___________________ instead.

2. My guru is _______________.

3. I am afraid of_______.  ellen_cat_badge_2

4. I feel empowered_________.

34 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill Ins

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  2. Well, those were great answers. I always read the fill-ins on Friday and then get back to them to comment. Weekends are so hectic right now, but will settle down as we get into Fall. Thank you for participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins. We appreciate your participation. Hugs.
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

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    1. I don’t know why so few cats go for walks, and my brofur assures me that I’m not patient. Did you know he can spend hours and hours in a box?
      I like to be busy doing things.

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    1. Mom and Dad believe that we all should say how we feel, but they do not approve of screaming or violence…. that said, on a rare occasion, a debate can get lively.


  3. David E. McClendon Sr.

    Purrseidon, my uncle used to hunt squirrels. He said they were good eatin’. Maybe we could channel him and knock out a few of those guys for you.

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    1. I would be happy to direct him to that park!!! Mr. M dined on many squirrels during his feral years and confirms that they are delicious…I wonder why no one makes squirrel dog and cat food. In nature, we would eat that, not beef.

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  4. Not all squirrels are evil. Some are very friendly. At our daughter’s school, they will pose for photos and approach people to be fed. It is really cool. However, it is wise to be wary. One never knows when a squirrel could be sick with something bad like rabies.

    Have a blessed weekend, all of you!

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    1. During the winter, when the snowbirds are down, loads of people go to the park and feed the squirrels. However, this time of year, it’s hot, so very few people go and the squirrels view anyone who does as food….
      I am sure there are nice squirrels, just not the ones I’ve met this summer.

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      1. I read it…. that is a nice squirrel and obviously is enterprising enough to collect his own nuts…. the squirrels I’ve had the misfortune to meet are not like that.

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      2. I imagine that the local squirrels collect acorns, my staff believes the problem is that during the winter months, when our local population doubles or triples with snowbirds, the squirrels get fed extra. The staff says that if there is more food, there are more births, but then, in the summer, when fewer people go to the park, the squirrels don’t get fed and they get desperate. I, purrsonally, don’t care if they are desperate or what – they scare me.

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      3. From what I understand, it works the same way with cats. If the basic needs are met, they have babies. If not, they usually don’t.
        I can understand them being scary. Like raccoons, they are cute, but can be very dangerous. Stay safe. 🙂
        Have a blessed day.

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      4. Exactly! A similar thing is happening with raccoons in our neighborhood. A certain person likes to feed them so he can photograph them. Thus, there are lots more babies. They don’t learn to hunt (or whatever a raccoon normally would do for food.) SO, what will they do if that neighbor either gets bored of photographing them or moves away?

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  5. pilch92

    Thank you both for your fill-in answers, great answers. Squirrels are evil and I am sure they would do something mean to you if they could. Mr. M, you are very sweet to walk away when angry. Have a great weekend- hope you get to go for a walk Purrseidon.

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