Happy Blest Sunday

Deziz World

Welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday. A while back, and me does mean a while back, we were tagged by da happiness “bug”. Now me ‘members Purrseidon, bein’ one of da bloggies, and Binky, and me thinks awnty Ellen of 15 and Meowing. But cuz mommy had so much goin’ on, she didn’t have time to help me put together a posty. Me thinks Blest Sunday is da purrfect day fur da Happy tag, so we’s gonna share it today. To accept da Happiness tag, we’re ‘posed to list 5 things dat make us happy, 5 songs dat make us happy and 5 bloggers dat make us happy. We’re then to notify said bloggers dat they’ve been tagged. Smile So let’s get on with it.

 Dezi atop the cat tree

5 Things dat make us happy:

     Well nummer one on dat list is havin’ each other. Raena and me know…

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5 thoughts on “Happy Blest Sunday

    1. Aren’t they? Months ago, when I originally stumbled across their blog, I thought the eyes had been photoshopped… I’d never heard of the ragdoll breed, but the more I learn about them, the more I think they just might be my favorite breed.

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