Dear Furiends,

As usual, I was busy-busy, so I combined two things:  a few non-traditional photos, which I sent to Dezi and Raena in honor of their  Pawlympics Fly Fishing Event (I don’t expect to win, but thought they might like to see regular fishing) … I was actually giving Master Munchkin his very first  fishing lesson for Master Munchkin. As you can see, dawn over the inlet was lovely.

Have a wonderful day, my furiends,

Purrseidon  >^.^<

PS: there are lots of other great events – you can find out about it here!



22 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. Those are great. We luv your harness. Ifin we had a lake close by we might ask mommy to take us fishin’. Altho, since we don;t eat fishies, we’d have to throw back everythin’ we caught. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    1. I normally play with my fishy in the tub, but humans have a very strange perspective on it … Generally, they don’t even hop in to catch the fish!
      If Master Munchkin didn’t sink like a rock, I could teach him to cat fish…

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    1. That’s her favorite harness… she brings it to us when she wants to go to the beach – generally brings a life vest, first, since that is her way to request to go boogie boarding or swimming.


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