Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


 1. I prefer fish to chicken. (My brofur, Mr. M, prefers chicken to fish, so one of us is always willing to lick both dishes clean.) P1170221




2. Learning to climb DOWN a tree was much harder than I expected. (The trick is to go down tail first, instead of try and copy squirrels and go down nose first.)


 3. One way that I relax is napping in a cozy sunpuddleP1170145





4. Frogs always makes me happyfrog-1355206__180




This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGufy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. I prefer ________________ to ________________.

2. ____________________ was much harder than I expected. 

3. One way that I relax is_______ellen_cat_badge_2

4.______always makes me_______.

36 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill-Ins

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    1. We have Cuban tree frogs and geckos everywhere… there is also a garter snake that likes to chase Ms. Munchkin and Saphera is trying to catch that armadillo… oh, and a bobcat lives in the bird sanctuary, which is just down the street… lots to watch around here.

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      1. Meow what a zoo. ‘Course we would luvd da geckos. They eat spiders and bugs. We have bobcats and coons and armadillos and such, but they’re mostly out back. Ya’ll enjoy your shows.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

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  2. One of my feral cats, Taurie, who was born and grew up here, has never gotten the concept of coming down the tree backwards. This surprises me, because her mother was very diligent teaching her offspring survival skills. I have one tree that is on enough of an angle that she can run down it to the ground. There’s another tree on the opposite side of the house where she often hangs out, but if she wants to come down, such as when I’m feeding them, she jumps on the roof and goes to the other tree. She’s very arboreal, much more than her litter mates, yet never learned the proper way to come down. Amazing.

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    1. We lived in NY for a few years and a neighbor had a huge oak with a trunk that was about 30′ slant… a feral cat loved antagonizing the dog in that yard, and when it was chasing her hard, she’d run right up that tree… the dog wasn’t too bright and never failed to follow until he was about 10-12 feet off the ground, then, inevitable, he’d panic and fall.


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  4. I think that frogs are cute. We have several different kinds here and some like to come inside for a visit. We have regular frogs and then a teeny, tiny version of them. We have the tree frogs that love to come inside the house (so do the lizards). It tends to wake one up right quickly to get hopped on by a little frog all of a sudden. 🙂

    You are such a cute and cool kitty. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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      1. That’s a meowser of an idea! I hear that Mr. Rom did that…. purrhaps I could invite that garter snake in, then they wouldn’t think Froggie was so bad…

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  5. Purrseidon,
    I like frogs, too. We have these little tree frogs here on the Gulf Coast that love to get in the house. I was sound asleep the other night when one jumped into my ear. Suzanne got him out using a paper plate (was she plating him up?) . Hang 20, little dude!

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  6. pilch92

    Thank you for participating Purrseidon, great answers. Somehow I knew you would prefer fish to chicken, I think you were a mermaid in your last life 🙂 I have heard cats have trouble with the getting down part on trees so it is best not to climb too high so your folks can get a ladder to rescue you.

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    1. It is embarrassing to admit this, but I only figured out how to get down unaided, recently. Prior to that, I either had to call for help or jump.
      PS: M & I sent Ms. Pheobe a little something to help cater her birthday party. It should arrive tomorrow.


  7. 1. Our cats all prefer chicken. 2. George flies off of things, going for height and distance. The girls all just jump down cautiously. 3. Yes, we agree, sun puddles are wonderful. 4. Kermit is our favourite frog. HUGS. We are so happy you join us with Friendly Fill-Ins.

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