Did you guess right?


Did you guess what we’ll be reviewing this month? … I still say that the chewy box and paper is 5 star, but we’ll also be reviewing this:


Obviously, Saphera will be reviewing the dry food, while Mr. M and I will be reviewing the canned items.


8 thoughts on “Did you guess right?

    1. Saphera is giving us problems with photos because she is gulping it down and moving fast — she normally does NOT move fast… don’t know if this is because she’s on a no treat diet or what.


    1. In truth Mr. M is more likely to be the one in the box and while (my opinion) he is more handsome, he is also more difficult to photograph because he looks like a dark shadow. Purrseidon, on the other hand is really easy to photograph when she slows down.

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      1. portapatetcormagis

        I guess the camera just loves Purrseidon. I know how difficult it is to take good pictures of a black cat. Ours was black as well and every so often all we got was a black blurr on a dark background ^^

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