P1180699.JPGFuriends, I am trusting you not to mention what I’m about to tell you to my self-centered, water-loving sisfur, Purrseidon. She seems to think that she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants and there will be no consequences. Well there are consequences and she is finally starting to figure that out.

She needs to think before she acts.

As you probably know we both work with Ms Jeanne on the Sea Purrtector series…. Purrseidon gives her ideas for what the bratty Mischief might do, while I work on every other character and plot point… I am very good at plotting and I also know a bit about psychology… As I said at the beginning of this post, you can not mention this to my sisfur… Right now, conspiracy theories and nightmares about retribution have her too upset to bathe, but in truth, they are just a product of her guilty conscience and over-active imagination.

Fact: our sisfur, Saphera, washed her filthy paws – and tummy, too – in the pool that Purrseidon is so selfish about sharing … it was that or track dirt into the house. (She had been trying to dig up an armadillo, that tried to infiltrate our yard.) HOWEVER, all I needed to do was make sure Purrseidon was looking out the window when I marched over to that disgusting pool and give it a look  =^.^=

I told you I knew a bit about psychology  =^.^=

Hopefully,  Purrseidon will learn to think first, act second, and to leave my purrsonal possessions alone.

Have a great weekend, furiends, I know I will.




7 thoughts on “Pssst!

    1. Miss Ellen, I think you are very wise and know my stubborn sisfur very well. I agree that it will take time to get her to understand purrsonal rights and boundaries.
      I also keep my silvervine stick in paw, even when sleeping.


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