Sunday Selfies


P1160727.JPGFuriends, I am very proud of my purrsonal catnip plant and wanted to share its progress with you. I received this as a Valentine’s Day gift and though it doesn’t smell like one of Ms. Kiara’s irresistible Cat-a-bliss blends, my sensitive nose can appreciate that she uses something that smells similar in her blends. (That smaller plant on my left is chocolate mint, which is also still alive and still as uninteresting as it was to begin with.)

As you know, I have been supervising my staff’s gardening efforts,  which keeps me very, very busy, but since it is Sunday, I’m taking a break to show you now big my plant has gotten:


It is wonderful to relax in its shade because it makes the back yard smell very good, plus my dear plant keeps away biting bugs.13235744_10206317397309826_308755653_n.jpg

Oh, my elderly brother just told me to tell you that Ms. Kiara honored him by giving HIM a special Cat-a-bliss Coupon Code and you can use  it at Cat-a-bliss – it will give 10% off the whole order until the end of this month… I admit the old guy is moving better, but do wonder why Ms. Kiara never gave ME my own special code … do you think he’s her favorite?!? If so, it must be because he’s become a bit of a ‘niphead…  To prove this, I offered him the opportunity to do his own Sunday Selfie and he chose to do so, while visiting his ‘dealer’ … actually, with all those bags, I guess I didn’t need to tell you where he was…. Kinda reminds you of the photos humans put on the TV after a big bust, doesn’t it?  If he wasn’t moving so much better, I would worry about him and his addiction … fortunately, he isn’t interested in nibbling on my plant.P1180405.JPG

This post is part of The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of my furiends are doing, click here



23 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

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    1. I suspect so … however, I am also a bit worried about being in the yard because I saw a cute little brown bunny there a couple days ago. At the time, I was inside, but hoped to meet him during a yard inspection, now I’m concerned that he could be a disease carrier, like the armadillo my staff is concerned about.

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      1. What a relief! I feared the worst – my staff distrusts that armadillo because it can supposedly pass leprosy to humans, so I have been very wary of it, too.

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    1. I wouldn’t doubt it. My brother and I are trying to learn how Ms. Kiara processes her nip, so, for now, we mainly using her blends for my dear brother’s aches and pains, but keeping a very close watch on what she has growing in her own garden … her garden smells amazing and what is truly surprising is that no ferals have invaded it.


  2. Flynn

    Your nip plant looks very big and healthy. My mum bought some nip seeds a few years ago and the plants are getting bigger and bigger. The only trouble is that she bought the wrong sort and I am not interested in it. The butterflies love it when it is in flower though.

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  3. Wow, your nippy plant gotted really big! The Mom got a catnip plant from a neighbor last year, but it went deaded before we could plant it in the yard… We hope to find another one and try again. – Katie Kitty Too.

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