Purrseidon’s Opinion on Reading

p1110343.jpg Purrseidon and Mr. M both love books. In fact, as you look at the Munchkins’ overflowing bookcase, you probably noticed that we have more books than comfortably fit.

Periodically, we try to weed out the ones that are no longer relevant and/or those which we somehow managed to acquire duplicates of. And at these times, we either encourage others to read them or gift them to our local hospitals, libraries and senior centers.

You might have known that Mr. M’s job is ‘writer’s muse’, but did you know that every day, Purrseidon spends 15-20 minutes curled up with Master Munchkin and they read together?P1170998.jpg

Today’s topic was inspired by 15andmeowing.com’s first question in today’s Friday Fill-Ins blog hop. Purrseidon’s answers are the underlined portions of the sentences:a2a95ce30a7cdd6804fcbc62dc207431


1.Everyone should read things that interest them because reading expands our minds due to the fact that we need to use several aspects of it at the same time as we process the written word..

2. My first pet was a treefrog that the staff wouldn’t let me keep inside.

3. My favorite time of the day is morning because every new day brings new prospects.

4. I think dreams should be pursued and, since reading is the theme for this post, I will also point out that we can find many ways to pursue dreams by reading.5682127613415b396dff2273fc59c718


50 thoughts on “Purrseidon’s Opinion on Reading

  1. This was great! Monkey (our cat) doesn’t pay much attention to books…unless they are in her way when she wants to sleep on the part of the bookshelf she wants to curl up in. Then they end up on the floor!

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  3. pilch92

    Thank you for joining the blog hop- great answers. I love reading and agree we should all read what we want. That is so sweet you read with Master Munchkin.I know your dreams all involve water 🙂

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    1. For certain books and dreams with water are great! I am very pleased to report that my protege and I are currently reading books about sharks… I dare to hope that one day we might study marine biology and take up scuba diving.


      1. Ah, so you’ve noticed that we usually have a book handy…. truth be told, I don’t mind if the doctor or whoever is late for my apt., because I few that as ‘bonus reading time’.

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      2. News! They make that sound like the world is doomed. I’ve seen shows that tell about disaster after disaster, but fail to mention these events happened years and miles apart. I don’t watch the news.

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  4. Books and cats make for the purrrfect home as far as I am concerned too! I love that you share and donate books you don’t need, good reading is meant to be shared! I think it would have been very interesting to have a pet tree frog in the house! :-)) Morning is my very favorite time of day too… everything is possible at that point!

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    1. That tree frog was a Cuban type, so if one of the pets or munchkins had put it in their mouth, the secretions could have been deadly. Aside from that, for something so small, it was exceptionally loud. Not quite my ideal pet.


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      1. Mr Midnight also had problems learning to read but now he´s grasped it. He cheekily adds that he hopes Purrseidon doesn´t go down as in the 1972 film, The Poseidon Adventure. I´ve already lightly racked his paws for being so silly. All the best out of the Black Forest.

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      2. I believe Master Munchkin is dyslexic, did Mr. Midnight have that problem, too> With patience, I am teaching Master Munchkin techniques, like putting his finger under the word he is reading. We are making slow but steady progress. (He is really, really good at math, so I need to keep on my paws to stay ahead of him there.) >^.^<

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      3. Mr Midnight was lucky because he had Sir Winston to help him. The only problem Mr Midnight seemed to have was that his paws kept getting in the way of the words and he often, lightly managed to rip and scratch pages of my books with his paws! We hope you manage to remedy Master Munchkins spelling problems. 😉

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      4. But maybe Master Munchkin can learn from the cats in the neighbourhood. Humans have the tendency to often take the long path in which to get to their goal but eventually, most seem to arrive where they wanted to go. 🙂

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