Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food

P1180564.JPGFuriends, I had difficulty deciding what to review for Chewy.com this month! I finally decided that the old guy would appreciate wet food, (his teeth aren’t much better than his arthritic paws) so I chose NEW! Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food

 P1180613This food is one of Mr. M and my favorites, so far, and mom likes it, too, because it doesn’t stink. (She is finicky about stinky things.)

On the first day of our taste test, that interloper was here and mom felt as if she had to include him, especially since Kiara had placed an open can in the middle of the Mousetrap game and he was obviously very interested…mousetrapGAME

On day one of the test, mom gave each of us our very own can… M and I couldn’t eat it all and that interloper couldn’t even polish all three plates. Mom said NEW! Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food was “the most filling variety we’d tested so far.” For certain it is thicker then a lot of the healthier cat foods, which made it easier for her to split one can into two equal portions. (The mousetrap game/party was a farewell event for that interloper, so after that day, it was back to just Mr. M and me.   >^.^<

Anyway, the thickness was wonderfully filling and it made dividing it into equal portions easy for mom.  The interloper gave NEW! Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food five paws up (he isn’t very smart, and obviously doesn’t know he only has four paws); Mr. M and I both give it five STARS and considered it to be a worthy prize for our game night. I give the empty Hearty Cuts box 3.5 stars because it was an comfy fit, but the sides could have been higher (the Chewy.com box is 5 stars, but Mr. M claimed that one). P1180567

Chewy.com provided the NEW! Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food in return for our honest opinion. If you’d like to read more reviews by my furiends, please go to the Chewy.com Blog Hop, which is hosted by Golden Woofs and OZ the Terrier:



14 thoughts on “Wellness CORE Hearty Cuts Canned Cat Food

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    1. Yes he is big and handsome, but Purr is correct, he is not particularly intelligent. It’s almost like he’s never seen how things work, before – last week, he nearly killed himself by attempting to jump into the hot oven when the door got opened.


    1. You’re welcome.
      I’m always on the lookout for healthy, well-balanced food and treats for the furballs and family, too… Mr. M was a ‘street cat’ for several years, and we really aren’t sure how old he is, but suspect his issues with bad teeth and arthritis motivated him to agree to move in. Thus, we usually review the softer, yet nutritious cat food, so he can help Purrseidon with the reviews.


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