Day Trip!

Furiends, exciting news! Now that the weather is nicer, P1170820I convinced my staff that we needed to take a nice day-hike. So, we were off on a little adventure…

Once I found a safe place to leave our vehicle, I inspected the grass, which smells like it has done very well over winter.

P1170747P1170749.JPGOf course, I also needed to check out all the plants beside The Nature Trail. Everything was fine there, too.


THEN – FINALLY – we arrived at the beach… and I realized that in my excitement to get on the road, I’d forgotten to have my staff pack my boogie board. <sigh> Still, it was lovely to feel the sand between my toes and smell the salty promise of future fun. (In this photo, my staff had just grabbed me because I was preparing to jump into the waves and they didn’t have their swimming suits, plus didn’t want wet paw prints in our vehicle…. I love ’em, but they can be mega spoilsports.)


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      1. Yes, I am very smart. I am tutoring my littlest human and he is making a lot of progress, while he does not like reading, he is interested in science, so I make him read science books to me at least 15 minutes every day.

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