Wordless Wednesday


(Once Purrseidon realized ‘that Holstein tom’ was really moving, she was magnanimous enough to play hostess at a farewell party… Mr. M looks like he expects something sinister to happen, so he’s ready to duck under the table and Purrseidon is still keeping on eye on ‘the interloper’, who has his eyes on the ultimate prize – wet cat food.  They are wagering  Cat-a-bliss blends & dry food.)

This post is part of Create With Joy’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. AND, since Magellan, the Hop’s handsome host, likes Chewy.com boxes. There is a hint in the photo about the answer to the question asked in Monday’s post – ‘what was in Mr. M and Purrseidon’s box this month‘ — the answer is NOT the mousetrap game, they borrowed that from Master Munchkin. Can you guess what one of this month’s reviews will be about?


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Poor Purrseidon didn’t think so … she has had a thinly veiled dislike for that cat from the moment she met him… strangely, Purrseidon is the one who normally thinks any new animal (with the exception of certain squirrels) is her new best friend.


    1. What the photo doesn’t tell you (but hints at) is that Kiara, owner of Cat-a-bliss was also there, in fact, she’s the one who took that photo – she’s a MUCH better photographer than I am.


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