Cat-a-bliss Coupon Code


Furiends, Mr. M here — MISTERM  is a coupon code you can use at Cat-a-bliss – it will give 10% off the whole order until the end of this month!

Did you notice that Kiara of Cat-a-bliss named the code in my honor?

I never imagined that my dreams of catnip blends would come true, or that I would be asked to test them, but this happened and all because I was being a proper writer’s muse… yes, those catnip blends began as something used by the evil feline, Chester Moreau, but Kiara has proven that catnip blends can also be used for good.  For instance, I thought my tree climbing days were long gone, but Kiara must put something magical in her Cat-a-blissblends because my paws feel much better and on good days, I can climb higher than a comfy chair.

So, if you have a cat you love, please use my MISTERM  coupon code at Cat-a-bliss for 10% off your order and get your favorite cat a treat.