Guess What I’ve Got!

P1180490.JPG box that’s what!
And this is a huge one… I hope to keep it furever!
Now the question is what do you think is inside? )Aside from Mr. M, that is.) I have hints… there are 2 things…. One is probably meant for the dog judging by the box but it requires brains so that makes it mine.  Right?
The other has my tummy rumbling.
(Excuse Mr. M  for leaving in such a rush – he is camera shy.)

16 thoughts on “Guess What I’ve Got!

    1. The game? Supposedly it’s for 3 and up due to the choking hazard ( the game includes gameboard, 4 plastic mice, 2 metal balls, 25 mouse trap building parts and accessories, rubber band, and 52 cheese pieces.) Neither Munchkin has played with it in ages, so we set the board up to make sure all the bits were there, prior to gifting it … and the cats took over… it was too purrfect not to share ‘-)))

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      1. XD rubber bands would las not a second in our house hold. Mr Oli loves rubber, plastic, hair bands, iPhone cables. And his latest? Business cards! Couldn’t find my box anywhere and it was in the cat cave…

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  2. We are crummy guessers, and it doesn’t really matter…the box is always the best part. Have fun! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. Mr. M & Purrseidon certainly think so. I can only assume that they have a ‘certain scent’, sort of like Cat-a-bliss envelopes, that cats find irresistible … granted, M feels compelled to check out every box that arrives on the premises, but seems especially fond of Chewy boxes.

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