The Silvervine Stick…

Mr. M finally found the silvervine stick (aka Cat-a-bliss Cloud9 Silvervine), which Purrseidon hid from him last week. Mister M is not as amused as Purrseidon. I suspect this is partially due to the fact that he needed a bit of suggestion to check the toy box…


While his stick was missing, he used some Cat-a-bliss Thyme to Party, and his arthritis seemed to be doing very well with that. From what I hear, a lot of Cat-a-bliss‘ older testers said their cats are now favoring it. I wonder if this is due to the time of the year or if this blend is particularly good for old achy bones…


Regardless, he hasn’t allowed that stick out of his grasp since finding it… he hasn’t said a meow or taken his eyes off Purrseidon, either.

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21 thoughts on “The Silvervine Stick…

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    1. I’m so glad you liked this post enough to share. Mr. M adores your products and his mobility has improved a lot since he started as a tester. Frankly, I’m still surprised how much he loves your blends – he never displayed interest in ‘nip prior to your first sample arriving.

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      1. =D That is partially how it all started not all cats do like nip…. however, I have hope that I will have at least one nip in my line that will work on each cat. So far so good. Time will tell.

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      2. When you asked if Mr. M & Purrseidon would be willing to be testers, I said they could try – and then I was shocked when my dear M was downright enthusiastic – he’d ignored the catnip in the garden for years. Purrseidon also likes most of your blends, but she seems particularly fond of the silvervine sticks and whole catnip buds, which she plays with… she does like toys.

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