List of Poisonous & Edible Plants for Cats



It is spring and I’m assuming that I am not the only one working on a garden planting plan. I am trying to make our landscape edible and non-lethal, but until I discovered this excellent list of plants, I had no idea that birds of paradise were poisonous to plants. I knew they were in the heliconia family, which means they are a relative of bananas, which I knew were not poisonous…

All Creatures Hospital’s list seems very comprehensive, but it is specific for cats… I searched their site to see if they had something similar for other pets. Alas, I could only find the information on cats, but I feel this could also be a good guideline for other pet parents. That said, I am also including 2 info-graphics my staff discovered on Pinterest, one for Edible Flowers for Parrots and the other is  15 plants that every Cat Garden should have… I am encouraging my staff to pay close attention to that list of 15.

Oaks is on All Creatures Hospital’s list … as I understand it, that wonderful climbing tree in the back yard is an oak… Is this cause for concern?!?





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