Cat-a-Bliss is now on Etsy!


Cat-a-bliss blends are now available to everyone – just pop over to Etsy.  ( = the link embedded in the sentence, above.)

If you’ve followed this blog for a while,  you know Purrseidon and Mr. M are testers for Cat-a-bliss catnip blends. I was initially very surprised how enthusiastic they  were about these tests … Purrseidon had never shown any preference for catnip – her favorite dry toys are balls, which she plays kitty soccer with and her water-activated fishy for the tub. (I did not include my ladder, since she doesn’t play with it – she defends it.)

Mr. M has never been interested in ‘nip, either… At least he wasn’t until Kiara, who lives a few miles away, dropped the first samples off. Suddenly, instead of being ‘Mr. Phantom’, he wound around our ankles, as if he was ‘Mr. Sociable’… I initially thought this was an anomaly,  then another friend, who is a tester reported that her furbabies opened the envelope before she got a chance…. and that was the fate of undefended envelopes many other testers received…

I have no idea what Kiara puts in her catnip blends, but noticed that she lists the ingredients on her Etsy site – thus far, she doesn’t seem to have the amount of product listed, but I’m sure she will eventually add that information to her site.

Purrseidon and Mr. M adored being her testers. And, I’m thrilled to report that Mr. M’s general health seems better – the old fellow even climbs. Previously, he never got higher than the lid of the kitchen trash can, which put his big golden eyes just above the counter, allowing him to supervise meal preparation. In the jpg below, he is on top of the beam between kitchen and dinning room!

To date, they’ve tested:

Mister M’s Special Blend 

Milo’s Meow Mix, which seemed relaxing

Purrseidon’s Preferred

Twitch’s Angelic Nip Bliss, which also seemed to calm

Flip My Nip, which seemed to help Mr. M’s urinary track issues

Thyme to Party

Wacky Catbacky was relaxing.

Alley Cat Delight seemed relaxing

Sir Nips A Lot

Cat-a-stash also seemed good for Mr. M’s chronic urinary track issues – I keep telling the old guy that he needs to drink plenty of water, but he doesn’t seem to like drinking much of anything. That said, the one thing he does like to drink is tea made with Cat-a-bliss blends… those cute little muslin bags that the samples come in make fantastic tea bags.

15 - 1

Chronical Kitty seemed to give Mr. M a nice spring-tonic boost.

Whole Buds Purrsidon treated these like a toy and batted the buds around, instead of actually nibbling on or rolling in the powder/leaves. P1130718

Smart as a Nip gave M & P nice fresh breath.

As you probably noticed, their tests began with Mr. M’s Special Blend. Please do not assume that Cat-a-bliss named this after my own dear tuxedo. In my The Vi-Purrs, Mr. M’s Special Blend was an irresistible catnip blend, which the evil feline villain, Chester Moreau, developed to undermine Catamondo. When I wrote the book, I’d never heard of catnip blends, but it seemed like something an evil cat with access to a good laboratory might do. Kiara, who owns Cat-a-bliss, also designs the covers for my novels, and she reads the rough drafts to get an idea of the story prior to designing the covers. When she read The Vi-Purrs, Kiara loved the concept of catnip blends and began to research catnip, then develop blends. When she came up with her first blend, she named it after the fictional blend, thus proving that fiction can become fact. So, that is how Cat-a-bliss came to be and now your cat can test many of the blends that Mr. M and Purrseidon have tested. They tested 13 blends, but thus far, only 7 seem to be available on her site. – I don’t know if this is due to the site still being built, reviewers lack of preference or not having ingredients available at the moment.

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    1. She doesn’t have the site set up with all blends. I know that whole buds, were in limited supply, but if someone wanted those, they could contact her through the link on her site to inquire.


  1. We didn’t know such a thing existed as blends of catnip. It all sounds quite interesting, and we are going to have our mom check it out. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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