Easter in Review

Mr. M wasn’t sure about the cat chasing a ball of yarn toy, so he watched it intently. I guess it is kinda like cat tv…. I’m sure you noticed that he made certain he was safely above this new thing.P1170612.JPG
Purrseidon trying to figure out if Saphera’s bunny treats are better then hers or not.
P1170610.JPGMr. M showing off his mew bowtie.
Purr killing chewy.
Purrseidon gave Mr. M a bath for Easter. (Dear M was not certain what he thought about that.)
Purr hiding the harnesses from M and hoarding the Cat-A-Bliss test samples. 
Mr. M keeping an eye on Purrseidon, lest she claim his favorite toy, which Ms Ellen specially made for him (Purrseidon got one, too).
What you didn’t see in the picture above: Yes, M has one handmade egg specially made by Ms. Ellen, too, but Greedy Purrseidon not only claimed her  own handmade one, but all plastic ones, too.
And one final shot of Purrseidon’s cache (note which toy she has her paw holding down, lest M try to claim both…) What you don’t see is that she is keeping an eye on Mr. M, lest he realize there is a certain lack of balance in the distribution…

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