The litter box

You probably know how much Purrseidon loves water, but do you know she used to have a flushing litter box? She loved playing with it (as well as the traditional use), but somehow it broke…. And it has been broken for months. But this morning, guess who finally took it apart and managed to fix the automatic litter box!?! (big ta-da!!!)

And guess who watched intently as their water litter box was being torn apart… and as soon as it was back together, hopped in prior to me plugging it in for the initial test.  Both front paws were on the receptacle lid and her legs were everywhere.

Ms. Munchkin was nearly rolling over laughing about Purrseidon trying to do kitty yoga in her litter box.  ….  I take it she missed her litter box. This is Purrseidon trying to cuddle with her litter box:P1170482.JPG


2 thoughts on “The litter box

  1. pilch92

    I guess she was happy to have it back. We just got an automatic one a few weeks ago to review and my cats love it- I don’t think they will hug it though 🙂

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