Latest ‘Nip Testing

11998273_10204871145274429_2026017874_n.jpgIf you’ve followed this blog for a while,  you know Purrseidon and Mr. M are testers for Cat-a-bliss catnip blends, which should become available to the public within a few weeks. I was initially very surprised how enthusiastic they  were about these tests … Purrseidon had never shown any preference for catnip – her favorite dry toys are balls, which she plays kitty soccer with and her water-activated fishy for the tub. (I did not include my ladder, since she doesn’t play with it – she defends it.)

Mr. M has never been interested in ‘nip, either… At least he wasn’t until Kiara, who lives a few miles away, dropped the first samples off. Suddenly, instead of being ‘Mr. Phantom’, he wound around our ankles, as if he was ‘Mr. Sociable’… I initially thought this was an anomaly,  then another friend, who is a tester reported that her furbabies opened the envelope before she got a chance…. and that was the fate of many undefended envelopes…

I have no idea what Kiara puts in her catnip blends, but Purrseidon and Mr. M adore being her testers. And, I’m thrilled to report that Mr. M’s general health seems better – the old fellow even climbs. Previously, he never got higher than the lid of the kitchen trash can, which put his big golden eyes just above the counter, allowing him to supervise meal preparation. In the jpg below, he is on top of the beam between kitchen and dinning room!P1160616.JPG

As I said, M & P’s reactions to blend tests seems typical. My friend, Ellen just  reported this:


I was planning to test the nips today so I put them in different colored eggs. The one in the red package went in the pink egg, the one marked WC went into the white egg and the one marked ACD went into the light pink egg. 

I left the room for 5 minutes and when I got back, 2 eggs were on the bed and this is all I could find of the light pink one so I think the ACD is a big hit. 
I think many cats will be thrilled when Cat-a-bliss becomes available… I also suspect there will be more reports of shredded envelopes – or, in this case, a broken egg and missing blend…. hopefully, cats won’t develop a reputation with the postal service similar to what dogs have!

5 thoughts on “Latest ‘Nip Testing

    1. His arthritis seems so much better than I’ve considered sampling a bit, myself – once it hits the market, of course. Wouldn’t want to mess up the test results, since Kiara is only testing cats…

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