Purrfect Paella Stew

A few days ago, I asked you to guess what was in this month’s Chewy box.P1170162.JPGDid you guess that Chewy had sent Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. M a case (12 cans) of Natural Balance Delectable Delights Purrrfect Paella Stew?  Mr. M spent many years (don’t know how many) as a feral and his teeth aren’t the best, so we suspected that he would appreciate testing wet food, which doesn’t require much chewing. P1170177.JPG

Purrrfect Paella Stew has a mild smell and is not as bad as most foods containing fish. I love how they considered a cats’ natural diet and health in creating their line of cat food.P1170221.JPG

The cats devoured Delectable Delights. In fact, Mr. M licked both plates clean several times, even though Purrseidon had polished her plate.P1170184.JPG

In short, both Purrseidon and Mr. M would tell you that the name, Delectable Delights, is very appropriate.

The 3rd Tuesday of each month,  Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier co-host Chewy.com Blog Hop – if you’re interested in reading the honest opinion of other pets, you can read more  here.




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