Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats


In January, Purrseidon swiped a sweet potato treat that Saphera was testing and loved it, but was not allowed to review a dog treat… in February, she commandeered a doggie dental bone (which she still has and chews on) but was not allowed to review that, either – again, this item is solely marketed for dogs, so we don’t think it’s proper for a cat to review a dog product.

SO, this month the plan was to allow Purrseidon to be an official tester along with Saphera. With this in mind, Chewy sent Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats, which are marketed for both cats and dogs.

Excellent plan, right?

Wrong! The only time that contrary cat got close to the treats was when she supervised the unpacking of the box. She then claimed the box and ignored the taste test.


I suspect that if the treats had been solely advertised for dogs, the above picture would show a cat flying by as she swiped the treat.

Has there ever been such a contrary cat?!?

Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats are nearly odorless  and Saphera liked them. (I think she was a bit confused by the lack of competition for them, though.) In short, Saphera recommends Orijen’s Thundra Freeze-Dried DOG Treats and is pleased that she didn’t need to share with the cat. P1170280.JPG



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