Catnip Blends


The following is an excerpt from The Vi-Purrs, which will debut, soon:

Xander was going over the formula for Mr. M’s Special Blend, which was apparently Chester Moreau’s recipe for the yummy smelling catnip, and wondering if he was dense, because in all his five years, he’d assumed that catnip was catnip and he’d never realized there was more than one type, much less that there were recipes to blend the herb.314e69ebb3ea9181a857df6b0a097978.jpg

At the time I was writing this fiction, the info-graphic to the right was about all I knew about actual catnip. Chester Moreau is the ‘evil cat’ in both Purr-a-noia and The Vi-Purrs, and he uses catnip to manipulate other cats …  In actual life, I didn’t think there was such a thing as ‘catnip blends’, but the idea worked with the plot, so I used it.

When Kiara, who designs my covers, read the rough draft the concept of catnip blends captured her imagination and she began researching catnip more deeply than I’d imagined possible. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, Purrseidon and Mr. M, who had never, ever shown any interest in catnip, were testing Kiara’s version of Mr. M’s Special Blend … and they both loved it! I’ve heard of other sci-fi/fantasy authors having their fiction turn into reality, but never expected to witness this personally – much less over irresistible catnip blends, so I’m still wondering about Mr. M’s enthusiasm over testing Kiara’s Cat-a-bliss products. Even more amazing, my dear old tom is moving better and even climbing, so whatever Kiara is doing with these blends seems to be having a positive medical effect on the old fellow. Prior to becoming a Cat-a-bliss tester, Mr. M hadn’t climbed higher than the top of the kitchen trash can’s lid, which he would sit on, putting his eyes just above counter level, so he could watch dinner preparations. A few weeks after becoming a catnip blend tester,  he claimed to the top of the rafter between the kitchen and dining room and it has become his favored vantage point! 

Kiara will launch her Cat-a-bliss blends to the public, soon and I plan to stock up!P1160616.JPG


5 thoughts on “Catnip Blends

    1. We can’t be positive it’s the catnip blends, but they are the only thing he is doing that’s different from the past few years – well, that and climbing on top of cabinets and the rafter. Those athletic accomplishments were unforeseen.


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