MY Ladder…

 P1160911.JPG Painting with Purrseidon has been umh… slow. She thinks the 8 foot ladder is her purrsonal property and clings to it for dear life so…  The current project is painting the munchkins’ bedrooms, so I ended up carrying around a ladder with a cat stuck on top. (The only hint that she felt this was upsetting was the fact that the fur on her tail fluffed – see below and notice how full her tail appears.)P1160909.JPG
At one point, since the bedroom  ceilings were low (vs. the vaulted areas of the main rooms),  I  grabbed an old chair  that needs to be refurbished and stood on it.  This abdication of the ladder dispute was appreciated and I received lots of head rubs while painting….
In the photo below, she is relaxed, compare the fur on her tail to the one above. And, yes, her expression is quite smug, too.

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