Who Needs Humans?


Purrseidon is a very self-sufficient cat. Since she can open cupboards and chow bags, the cat food got relocated to the bedroom because we thought she couldn’t open doors…. yet the problem persisted, so we set up a motion-activated camera to see what was going on… Who needs humans to feed them… was the first video, but all we could verify was that Ms. Purrseidon (not Saphera, who was the prime suspect, since we know she can open most unlocked doors was getting into the room)… you will also notice in the first clip that Ms. Purr spends more time verifying that no one (including cameras) is watching.

In the second clip, the camera is better hidden … So that is how Purrseidon opens the jug… Obviously, Saphera has been teaching Ms. Purrseidon how to be a cat burglar.


8 thoughts on “Who Needs Humans?

  1. LOL. I can see those big cats eyes on the black background does absolutely nothing to scare her…hahaha! Love how she got into the jar, but am surprised she didn’t try to tip it over to get the food spilling out! Maybe next time… 😉

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