I understand that Valentine’s Day is about what one loves. Well, I love water, so I think the picture  below must be just right for today.


I also love books, and  they tell me that I ‘inspired the character Mischief’ in Purr-a-noia, and that she will also  be in The-Vipurrs, which will be out by Easter. I’m told that it is appropriate to give gifts, and I appreciate you following me, so my gift to you is a coupon code that is good for $2.00 off Purr-a-noia. Use DL27P and you can get a copy for 99 cents at Smashwords

CYs8YrsWkAAoATbThis post is part of The Cat on My Head’s Blog Hop, so for more Sunday Selfies, please click here. Cat4-001-300x300



15 thoughts on “Valentine….

    1. You can get it in paperback version… since you wrote this comment, I know you have a computer. If you like reading on a computer, you should be able to get a free Kindle or Nook App for your computer that reads ebooks – if you like this idea, I would suggest the Kindle because I heard that B&N no longer provide support for their Nooks.
      You could also get a copy at Smashwords, which offers a PDF version to read on your computer without getting an APP.

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    1. Um, more than that if you count the technical manuals and articles I wrote before switching to fiction. The first novel was horrid, so I needed to go back and study what made non-fiction and fiction different. Learning is fun 😉
      My original ‘cat series’ would be the Chatterre Trilogy, which merely featured Kazza, a magical alien tiger. The Sea Purrtector series is from the point of view of Xander, a siamese cat.

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