Sunday Selfie


Purrseidon here … I can’t show you acrobatics on my cat tree because it hasn’t been repaired since my staff reported that I was ‘jumping off the walls‘. I assure you that I was NOT jumping off any walls… I was merely using them as touch-points to change direction… I have seen this done with many kinds of balls, and wanted to know if cats could use the technique, too. Unfortunately, that tree was not as sturdy as the sort with roots, so it is sort of unstable, now. Hopefully, the staff will repair it.

Since I can’t show you action shots, I guess, I shall simply show you how to  relax and enjoy a nice peaceful Sunday:


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18 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie

    1. Actually, I would have put Mr. M in that category – Ms. Purr is generally a very busy little girl. M, on the other paw, is a master at taking it easy, though he has been displaying some amazing athletic abilities since Cat-a-bliss started using him as a tester.

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    1. Purrseidon here … I don’t understand why the staff is upset over a few scuff marks on the wall, either OR why they thought they needed to anchor the middle and top of my purrsonal tree to the wall. *tail thump*


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