Supervising Blend Testing …

Today, I needed peace and quiet to work on some editing, so Purrseidon is helping Kiara make catnip spray using cat-a-bliss whole buds.
The linen baggies that the nip comes in are perfect for using to make at-home teabags… have you ever seen a kitten so mesmerized by a coffee pot? Since this is Purrseidon, we can’t be certain if her attention has been captured by the scent of the nip experiment or the running water …
Kiara, who only live a few miles away, is working on making oils and sprays of each blend. Assuming this experiment works out, her next project is cat treats.

2 thoughts on “Supervising Blend Testing …

    1. Purrseidon is certainly intrigued with the project. At first, I wondered what one could possibly do with catnip spray, then I remembered what an excellent insect repellent it was AND realized I could spray it on their blankets, etc.


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