Today in Review

Mr. Purrseidon followed me as I packed groceries and put things away. She was particularly interested in sniffing the disposable litter boxes, which were something she’d never seen, previously. Unfortunately, she concluded that they were beds…P1160527.JPG
About that point in time, it occurred to me that only one cat was ‘assisting’, so I looked around, then up and saw Mr. M:
I don’t know exactly when my dear old guy figured out how to get way up on top of that beam. Strangely, this sight wasn’t as shocking as seeing him on top of the cupboards. I don’t know if that is because we always see Ms. Purrseidon on that beam (she previously considered that spot to be ‘her place’) or if I’ve accepted that my dear old guy is still capable of climbing.
The odd result of Mr. M claiming the beam is that Ms. Purrseidon has taken over the coffee table.
The dear old guy got down okay… I wonder if Mr. M’s new athletic abilities are  due to the nip he has been testing, new diet, or if he has simply gotten a second wind on life….

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