Sunday Selfies

Furiends, I am stuck at home because the staff has a relative in the hospital. I hope you all are happy and healthy. Purrseidon


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13 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. We’re sorry to hear that your family’s friend is in hospital 😦

    You really scared Mom, AND gave us a new challenge: we need to learn how to open cupboard doors – you’re our hero!

    By the way – a German photo competition is searching for the best picture of cats and water. The challenge is to prove that some cats love water. You can send up to three pictures to this email .

    We know, everything is in German and this competition isn’t a very big one, but I think people would love your pictures, and maybe start reading your blog.

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    1. Purrseidon here: cupboard doors are easy. Saphera taught me that when confronted with a new closed door, to begin pressure testing to see if it slides or swings – this works on all kinds of doors and Saphera can open every single door in the house :-).
      Thank you for the tip about photos of cats in water … purrhaps I should send them a link to my blog
      Too cold for swimming, right now, but I plan to guilt my staff into making a trip to the beach, soon … they will think it is for me, but I think they need to go somewhere fun to balance all that hospital sitting time… We furries do no know what to do about this hospital thing, but hope that whatever is best for everyone will soon happen.

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