Christmas Morning

Christmas morning and all through the house, every creature was stirring with the exception of a mouse… only because we don’t have a mouse. At least, I don’t think we do.’Cousin Quark’ is visiting, though, but I don’t think anyone could confuse him with a mouse. P1150137.JPG

He is way too yellow to be any mouse …. too loud, too. Since his arrival, Purrseidon has been keeping a watchful eye on Quark, though Mr. M is simply going about his normal routine. (We’re not sure how old Mr. M is, but cousin Quark is about 6 and M was around when Quark hatched, so the visit is normal for him … however, at just over a year old, this visit is much more momentous for Purrseidon and she is fascinated.)

Mr. M was gifted with this toy – hopefully he likes it enough to play, instead of simply pose with his toy:


Purrseidon scored, too:


And Santi Claws even remembered SapheraP1150211.JPG

Cousin Quark was given a toy, which is in cage (he is a very proficient flier, so the cage not only protects him from curious kittens, it keeps him safe).


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