Frog + Christmas Tree

P1140705.JPGWe’ve got another frog in the house. This one is much smaller and speedier (sorry no photos) than the Cuban frogs we’ve previously found inside. It is also more translucent.  I have no idea how long it has been inside. For all I know, it came with the tree and perhaps Purrseidon’s obsession with the tree-skirt is actually about that tiny little frog.

Having gotten tired of putting the petals back, just to have her undo it, we tried to distract her with a jingle bell … didn’t work.

That said, she still has not attempted to climb the tree.


2 thoughts on “Frog + Christmas Tree

    1. I think Mr. M is pretending to be in the woods, too. And he sleeps under the tree a lot, but will get up and stalk away when Purrseidon starts taking the petals of the tree-skirt apart. Our ornaments are either plastic, metal, felt or candycanes… The gold ball, on the floor, that looks broken is actually a metal jingle bell, which we thought could distract her.
      We don’t use the good glass, antique, ornaments around kids or pets – too easy for them to hurt themselves 😉


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