Sunny Window Cat-bed

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For the absolute spoiled feline, to lounge in the sun.

This looks like the purrfect gift for Mr. M, who spends most of his days napping… If not for that horrible white cat that gave her such a scare, I’m sure Purrseidon would love something like this, too. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been comfortable getting close to windows since that horrible cat tried to tear through the screen and woke her, as she napped on the windowsill.

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Source: Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed


32 thoughts on “Sunny Window Cat-bed

    1. It was a terrible startle for her … now, when the window is open, instead of seeing the sill as an invitation for a nap, she sneaks up on the window and slowly stands up, until she can see over….. then she runs away.


      1. We have ASDA – a wallmart company. In waiting for the ASDA name to disappear and it changing name. ;). In the last two years the feel has become more and more like wallmart and UK people are even putting up photos of shoppers of ASDA on the people of wallmart page LOL.

        Anyway back on topic! I shall have a look if they do them here. 😀

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      2. Good luck! I am in a bit of a quandary – I want that windowseat, but I do not want to shop at Walmart. IMHO, that chain drives out a lot of good small businesses and at the same time, funnels a lot of cheap goods in from overseas. IMHO both aspects are not good for our economy.
        But, I do want that catbed, so am trying to see if anyone else sells it.

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      3. I know exactly what you mean. And I actually ended up having a bit of an argument with someone on eBay on quality of cat toys and prices. I sell Cat toys produced in Germany by the family of a friend of mine on there. Apparently the guy expected a 4 pack of cat nip pillows instead of the one I sent for the 2£ he paid… (About 3USD) and he was like but if I similar toys in ASDA I’d get that many. *sigh*

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      4. There is a definite difference between quality and quantity … too often quantity is junk, so in the longterm costs more. I am all for quality. Too bad you’re on the other side of the ‘pond’ – I think Oliver & Nubia would love testing Kiara’s Cat-a-bliss blends. Frankly, I’ve never seen Mr. M so enthusiastic over anything.

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      5. We will be over on “the other side of the pond” next year in late August. :-). Going to be in New York this time. Usually we go to Florida to see my family there but my cousin on Long Island has been complaining that I’ve been avoiding New York for almost 2 decades ;O

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      6. Oh! The next trip to that area will definitely happen again. 😀 if only we had known. We went in May this year to Orlando and also met up with floridaborne 😮

        Will make sure to let you know next time we are in there ^^

        P.S: we were guilty of shopping in wallmart that time but it was soul destroying… Can’t stand that shop any longer than needed but I couldn’t find cookie & cream Hershey kisses anywhere else. >.<

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      7. Yeah! They are difficult to find xD. My cousin once bought me a bag. And I liked the idea of those for my work colleagues as they are individually wrapped. I went everywhere and at some point a lady working in publix told me that I can only get them in discount shops and wallmart. Possibly target. I tried target first but shockingly theirs were not one but two years out of date LOL. 😡

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      8. Eventually, people will hopefully realize that cheaper can actually cost more. For instance, my sister purchased a certain brand of cat food, which made her cats sick, which ended up with her 3 going to he vet + a new brand of food.

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      9. Oh no! And yes I know what you mean. Cheap isn’t always better but people don’t seem to always get that. My friends usually mock me for how much I spend on camera equipment. But when they compare my photos to theirs they are like how the did yours come out so much better. Yet they still can’t see the link. 😉

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      10. That is true for most things. For instance, I use a Macbook Pro – could have gotten a laptop for 1/4 to 1/3 of the price, but I work on it all the time and needed something reliable. I will not mention any names or brands, but know of several others who did not have a Mac/Apple and suffered everything from a loss of time due to downloads that took many hours to outright crashes, which lost data. Having short download times and reliability is worth a lot to me.

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      11. Actually, I switched in 2000 … my current one (Airy) is really #3, but the older ones are still functional – for instance, MacKenzie has been kept at 32 bit OS, so I can use my old version of Photoshop. Aside from that, the main differences are size and weight – MacKenzie is a 13″ titanium, while Airy is an 11″ Macbook Air – much lighter and easy to carry on road trips.

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      12. I’ve got an iPad … mainly use it for email. Getting used to the touch screen was difficult, and I got a cover for Paddy that has a bluetooth keyboard for when I want to say a lot.

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