Walk on the Pier

Purrseidon sulked after being kept inside for days, even missed the post-Thanksgiving dinner trip to the beach, since the waves were choppy and we knew she’d want to jump in… Aside from some evil looks, after she sniffed the scent of ocean on us, she has been good – hasn’t even climbed the christmas tree. SO, we rewarded her and Saphera with a walk on the pier.P1140687

It was busier than we’ve seen i, before and some joggers got behind Ms. Purr, who has never experienced the feeling of being chased, before. Her kitty legs went flying and she kept looking back like oh man. Then  Saphera found a dead bird  which they both needed to sniff. P1140677.jpg Finally, they played on rocks. I had to keep hands on her leash because she tried to jump in 3 times and the waves where awful.P1140663.jpg


19 thoughts on “Walk on the Pier

      1. Marcha has 2 bengals, but never mentioned that Hamlet and Ophelia share Purrseidon’s passion for water, though she does live by a lake… I shall inquire if they swim… I’d assumed they stayed indoors and did not associate with the feral cats that she also cares for.

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      2. I would love to see cats swimming with a lab! I asked Marcha – she related a story about Ophelia having an accident, which involved a quart of latex paint (+ new carpet and curtains) which ended in her catching Ms. Ophelia, as she tried to hide under the dinning room table … she popped her into the sink for a good scrubbing and Ophelia didn’t protest. Marcha assumed she was glad to have help getting the paint off. I shall tell her about your friend’s cats. Who knows, maybe Ophelia will get a chance at that lake.

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