Frog Watching

After a certain someone failed to talk us into another late evening trip to the beach and pier, she was successful convincing us to go outside… the walk lasted until she spotted a frog. At which point, she sprawled on the sidewalk and watched… I recalled the the idea I came up with for Mr. M…. tie him to Master Munchkin’s skateboard and tow the sleepyhead along with the leash … haven’t done it – yet – but one of these days….P1140201


2 thoughts on “Frog Watching

  1. Maybe train her how to skateboard…mol. Have you seen Didga the skateboarding cat in Australia? She’s amazing on a skateboard and has her own video on Youtube….check her out! Watching her human’s (Catmantoo) videos on cat trick training is how my human taught me mine, but not skateboarding…yet 😉

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    1. She thinks skateboards are for lounging. Am now off to watch Didga… and hope Purr isn’t watching over my shoulder… last thing I need is her deciding to learn to skateboard in the house… of course, that would be safer than the driveway.

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